Tuesday, April 28, 2009

d.i.y. elegance

Morgan and I spent a couple of hours last night dressing the naked light bulbs in our room by creating  an inexpensive light fixture from a pillow case and a light-weight picture frame. We realized, as we were using our new staple gun, that we should have done a D.I.Y video of it, but c'est la vie. I find that it does in fact, like a real chandelier, give the room a touch of elegance. 

d.i.y instructions.
We found an old frame at goodwill. (If you find a frame that you really like, but aren't too keen on the color, you can always spray paint it) We used pillowcases that already had the chandelier design on them which we bought for 27 dollars at a novelty store on Hollywood Blvd. If you want to save a little money, you can also use any white/off white pillowcase and make your own personal design. We pulled apart the seams and only used the one side of the pillowcase with the design on it.  Next, we used a staple gun and stretched and stapled the pillowcase to the frame. On a side note, the tighter you can make it, the better.  And you should to iron the pillowcase before and after you staple it to the frame.   Then we took 4 screw eye hooks and manually screwed them into the four corners of the frame. As Morgan screwed in the hooks, i went around trimming the excess fabric around the frame.  Then, took 4 strands of 15 inch long fishing line and tied them to each of the screws. The next part is a little tricky because you have to take 4 more screw eye hooks and screw them into the ceiling in the positioning of the hooks on the frame.  Once you do that you can tie each corner to the corresponding screws.  You might want to have someone there examining how straight it turns out. 

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