Friday, June 26, 2009


I've had this photo in my look-book for quite sometime.  I love the deep blue wall with the gold accents.  Im particularly fond of the antlers turned hat rack.   I think I'm still up in the air with taxidermy just because I think that it would be so hard to decorate around.   However, when done correctly, I think they exude a vintage charm a la Deyrolle

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Draft Horses

My roommates and I have been in the process of re-decorating our apt. I've been rummaging through the goodwill in Los Feliz, searching for art pieces to frame on the walls.  Although I've found several cat paintings and drawings there, and am considering  doing a cluster wall of framed domestic cats for the dinning room, my male roommates would like me to refrain.  Luckily, I found this cute art project that is not only cool, but cheap. The horses are made by artist Ann Wood.  They started craft projects to clear her mind, but soon developed into something more.  She had a showing at the Tinlark gallery in LA in 2007.  

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bella Rose

Real quick before i go to bed. LOVE Love LOVE these paintings from Bella Rose. Selling each at 900+ , she's only had one art show that i know of, but i think she'll make her notch on the art scene soon enough.

oh... and did i mention that she's 9 years old? Goodnight.


I never thought pink would be a suitable color for anything other than a little princess's room.  I was wrong. I love the little accents of blue and white ceramics and fabrics inlayed with the pink. Designed by LA native, Mary McDonald
Check out her website, she's pretty amazing. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aunt Zoe's Place

I want to spend a weekend at the Eco Cottages in Venice Beach, California.  Here, solar powered amenities combine with eco-friendly, repurposed materials try to reduce couples carbon footprint for a couple of days. There are three separate cottages with it's own unique theme. The two cottages seen below are Aunt Zoe's Place, and Le Bebe. The rooms were also styled by eco-designer Kelly Laplante

I'm going to try to paint my own russian nesting doll painting sometime very soon...

Serving the Central Coast

On the way up to Gaviota Beach during Memorial Day weekend, we decided to take a detour and stop for lunch in Carpinteria, a quaint city just before Santa Barbara.  I  was pleasantly surprised when i saw the many antique stores that lined the one-street town.  I couldn't help but poke around.   I was the quintessential kid in the labyrinthine candy shop.

When I retire, I want to open up a shop on the Central Coast where  I would lavishly display  all my salvaged vintage pieces that I've collected over the years!