Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Corner of 395 and 299

That someone happened to be someone I would have easily cast in a horror movie to play a front desk clerk. He was in his mid thirties, glasses, sort of nervous and he had said he had only been in Alturas for a year. In my horror-movie-Rolex-of-a-mind, I'm thinking he just hitchhiked here after murdering someone in a previous town and wanted to escape to another small town where no one would know him. He was extremely nice though, which only made things that much more off to me. This would usually be the point in the horror movie where the heroes have a choice of either getting the FUCK out of there or be dumb and continue down the rabbit hole. In our case, we could have stayed at the Super 8 down the street, but we allowed the front desk guy to grab our lone bag and lead us up the velvet red staircase to the second floor, slowly turning on the lights as we proceeded upstairs.