Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Windy City

Who wants to stay in a hotel when you can stay in someones one bedroom loft south of the Loop for half the price? Morgan and I were lucky enough to find this incredible one bedroom loft in a 12 story high rise on Michigan Avenue off Craigslist for around 100 dollars a night! We though it was a scam at first until we called the number in the ad and got a little more information from the renter. He ended up being the founder of an interior design website and he uses the apartment for photo shoots, which would explain the chic decor. He informed us he usually rents out his apartment during the Summer. He ended up being really hands off and we ended up loving our home away from home. There were even views of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just Call me Mrs. Potts

I thought it was about time I revealed my new tattoo! Even after the cold sweat and the piercing pain, I love everything about it, especially how feminine it looks. Now all I need is a little teacup and saucer on the other foot and i'll be set for afternoon tea.

Apple Shells

So... I'm not sure if I should float the idea around that I would like to find one of these babies in my christmas stocking this year or if I want to buy one immediately. I'm particularly obsessing over the fresh and girly prints of the Lilly Pulitzer line of 3G cases, especially Koi and Checking In. The bottom two, which are from Jonathan Adler collection, are also very chic in design. I'm thinking I should just buy them in bulk and just switch them out to match my daily outfits!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vodka Berry Lemonades

Yesterday, as the temperatures in Los Feliz soared to new heights; so did our thirst for something light and summery. In preparation for an evening concert at the historic Hollywood Bowl, I set upon making blueberry and strawberry vodka lemonades. I started off by making 2 cups of simple syrup. I poured one cup in one pitcher and the other cup in my second pitcher. I didn't really have a set recipe, i just sort of tasted it as i went along. Morgan juiced 3 lemons and split that among the two pitchers. After that, i poured a generous amount of blueberries in one pitcher and cut strawberries in the other. I took two wooden spoons and started mushing up the fruit. I added water and vodka to taste and then transfered the contents into two glass, air-tight bottles. After that, I set them in the freezer to chill.
When we got to the Bowl and cracked open the first bottle, the flavors of the vodka and fruit had surprisingly mingled and had become quite melodious. In the heat of the autumn night, it was exactly what we were craving and served as a perfect end to a sweltering day!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photobooth Magic

While Morgan and I were in Chicago, we checked in at the Renegade Craft Fair, which was held in the Wicker Park district. While the shopping was enjoyable, the highlight of the fair was the free photobooth and the wacky photos that developed!

Fresh Cuts!

Getting flowers on Sunday at the local farmer's market has turned into my new favorite thing. I love sprucing up our apartment with hits of bright color! Hopefully, they'll last long despite this monstrous heat. Oh, and pay no mind to my orchid in the second photo. She's just in hibernation at the moment.

I get excited over new stationery!

Two scent-infused pens, one a strawberry and one a watermelon.
A latched notepad with matching rubber stamp!
Notecards with cranberry red envelopes!
Below, monogrammed envelope seals and notecards.
While on an impromptu trip to Michael's, I came across these adorable sets of stationery for a dollar a piece. Truth be told, I was kind of shocked because I wasn't expecting to find such Etsy-worthy finds at Michael's, let alone in the dollar bin! In my excitement, I ended up buying about 15 dollars worth, thinking that they would make for chic stocking stuffers this upcoming Christmas season. And, while even I find it a little sickening writing with a watermelon pen with my watermelon nails, they were too cute to pass up!