Monday, September 27, 2010

Vodka Berry Lemonades

Yesterday, as the temperatures in Los Feliz soared to new heights; so did our thirst for something light and summery. In preparation for an evening concert at the historic Hollywood Bowl, I set upon making blueberry and strawberry vodka lemonades. I started off by making 2 cups of simple syrup. I poured one cup in one pitcher and the other cup in my second pitcher. I didn't really have a set recipe, i just sort of tasted it as i went along. Morgan juiced 3 lemons and split that among the two pitchers. After that, i poured a generous amount of blueberries in one pitcher and cut strawberries in the other. I took two wooden spoons and started mushing up the fruit. I added water and vodka to taste and then transfered the contents into two glass, air-tight bottles. After that, I set them in the freezer to chill.
When we got to the Bowl and cracked open the first bottle, the flavors of the vodka and fruit had surprisingly mingled and had become quite melodious. In the heat of the autumn night, it was exactly what we were craving and served as a perfect end to a sweltering day!