Saturday, October 30, 2010

If She Doesn't Scare You

Dressing up like tranny Disney characters is what Halloween is all about! You'll always be in style when you go classic Disney, especially when you're a villain with a homemade couture outfit a la Pandora and Cherry Blossom Girl. I've been drooling over these photos all day and my breath still wavers every time I look at the first photo of Cruella de Vile. I'm loving how heinous and arrogant they look; a key acting trait when playing a villain. Is it strange that I never made the friend connection between two of my favorite bloggers until today? I think next year, a Disney photo session is a must. Morgan and I already have plans to dress up like Pinocchio and Gepetto. We're not really sure who'll dress up as who, but someone once told me I'd make a adorable older man.