Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lady Bird Johnson

Though we were pressed for time this past weekend, Morgan and I were fortunate enough to visit Lady Bird Johnson Grove. About an hour South of the Oregon border and scarce signage to it's whereabouts, we finally made it to the footbridge that led us to the main trail head. The redwoods were stoic and amazing, just as expected. There was a stunning mid morning fog that hung lazily throughout the canopy that made the air brisk and delightful. I want to also state that is unimaginable to fully grasp what fresh air smells like and total silence sounds like, until you leave the city. It was as though even the woodland creatures didn't want to stir in fear that they might disrupt the silence. Discovering that what little sound there was echoed, Morgan and I had fun making indistinct sounds that reverberated through the forest.