Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meadow's Garden Party

I was so pleased when my friend Meadow, over at Meadow Brianna, gave me permission to showcase an intimate al fresco birthday gathering she hosted outdoors in her own backyard . The color palate was a perfect mixture of pinks and muted gold tones which looked stunning against the natural greenery. Inspiration for her festivity sprung from some Martha Stewart and some of her most beloved blogs. Even Paris' own Lauduree served as a muse in the creation of her little picturesque rose and vanilla macaroons, which looked to die for. I also adore the detailing in the ornate party hats and the homemade stamped nameplates. Just as Meadow found inspiration online, I hope that when others see this post, they are just as inspired as me to create and host such a pretty party!

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