Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkins and Lace

This year, I think it's all about the lace pumpkins! Just last night at my old roommate's birthday dinner, we reminisced about our 2008 pumpkins and how it only took 2 days for their gruesome smiles to turn to droopy mold frowns. This year, I'm not breaking out the knife or the paint.

I found this seemingly simple idea in the Halloween edition of Better Homes and Gardens and have been obsessed with laced pumpkins ever since. I took advantage of a Columbus sale at Joanne's Fabrics a couple weeks ago and got 3 yards of black lace for around 5 dollars! The instructions in the magazine were kind of hard to follow and so after thirty minutes of me trying to fold and stitch lace, I nixed the original directions and just got out my glue gun. I think I did a pretty good job though.