Wednesday, October 20, 2010


How cute is the sound editing around 0:40 when the music matches their pounding?
I first found out about Spruce, an Austin-based reupholstery store, around the same time I found out that Etsy had a television channel. Now, not only can I consume design blogs all day, but I can now watch hands on D.I.Y videos from the artists themselves. I posted this particular video from Spruce because I think it speaks to many thrift store junkies, like myself, who are always on the lookout for vintage pieces of furniture but are too afraid to buy them because of the effort and skill it would take to revamp them. This video inspires me to finish making cushions for my patio bench that I never quite got to finishing

*Please excuse the shoddy formatting of the embedded video. Maybe someday, someone will create a video that will show how to remedy this and I will be inspired to fix it. ;)

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