Saturday, November 13, 2010

Exploring L.A.

Today was spent exploring parts of El Lay that Morgan and I had never been to. Alongside his parents Cathy and Bob, we took the red line down to Union Station. Once there, I couldn't help but sit in one of the streamlined booths, admire the architecture, and try to soak up the Blade Runner mojo that I hoped still lingered in the air. From there, we crossed the street and made our way to Olvera Street, which was once called Sonora Town. With my horchata in hand, I lazily strolled down the old cobblestone path and had fun peaking into incense-infused candle shops and admiring the colors of the many Dia de los Muertos skulls. We ended up back in the Los Feliz village where we chowed down at Umami Burger and then headed to Scoops for some blackberry jasmine ice cream. All in all, another great day in the City of Angeles!

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