Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The House with no Chimney

Have you ever wondered how Santa gets into the homes without chimneys? Morgan and I offer a slightly whimsical take on what really happens when everyone is all snug in their beds. As part of the Film Fest for the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, Morgan and I created a three minute stop motion. It was kind of convenient as we were hoping to make a holiday stop motion this Holiday season. As a bonus, their prompt, which was to utilize an umbrella and bellbottoms, fit nicely into our script. We found out about the contest on Saturday but couldn't start filming until Tuesday night. The deadline was today at 6 p.m and, as film veterans who have competed in several timed challenges, got our film in at 5:59. The past two days have been extremely hectic as I have been getting over a cold and have been on a fruit and veggie cleanse since Monday. I'll link to our video once we make some finishing touches on it!