Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Salon


During our yard sale, we were lucky enough to sell our old chaise lounge. For the past year, it's been tucked under the window facing the street. Sosuke had basically made it his personal jungle gym. Now that's it's gone, here is a glimpse of what has replaced it. The chair on the right is thrifted and the one on the left is from Pier 1. I'm hoping that he doesn't start using the rug or the chairs as his new scratching post. Does anyone with a cat have any suggestions on how to prevent this? I don't want to have to pull out this card...

Picture 4


  1. It's natural for cats to scratch, so he needs at least one scratching post in communal areas, one tall enough for him to stretch on. Encourage using the post and be firm when he scratches the furniture.

    In the beginning, wrapping packing tape with sticky side out over the wooden parts may discourage him from touching them.

    You could also file round his claws often.

  2. He's totally eyeing the pier 1 chair on the left!