Monday, May 16, 2011

A Rabbit Runway

Even though I could never sport a knockoff purse, I'm all about rocking the knockoff weekender bag. So while I was in New York, I couldn't resist dropping by Canal Street to check out the plethora of taboo wares. I'm so use to my Filipino relatives talking about Green Hills in Manila where the fakes practically fall at your feet. That was why I was a little disappointed when none of the store fronts showed any sign of imitation bags. If you are looking for a fake and don't mind feeling like a shady lady, the trick is to follow the people standing in front of the stores who, under their breath, are calling out the designer brands. They'll take you to a street corner and show you a brochure of the items and they'll bring it in black trash bags and you decided if you want them or not. Make sure you ask for half the price they offer...they will go down! I actually found this really cute FiFi Lapin duffel that I couldn't pass up!

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