Monday, June 6, 2011

I will never love you more than...

If you haven't heard, I'm kind of in love with Kate Spade. The branding for this company is utterly insane. There are only a handful of brands that I feel are in sync with my aesthetic style and Kate Spade is one of them. How adorable is this video featuring french songstress Soko. If I wrote this song, my I true loves would be:

1. Blogging

2. My tea cup collection

3. Summer Dresses

4. The smell of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen

5. Water rides

6. How Amelie makes me feel

7. Scalding hot showers

8. Amateur vanity photo shoots

9. This dance sequence

10. Wanderlust

What would be on your list?

1 comment:

  1. I wasn't sure if that was a rhetorical question, but I enjoyed your list and the song so much that I decided to share my list of true loves with you.

    1. Beagle puppies
    2. Curtain calls
    3. The Tube in London
    4. Blues harmonica
    5. Oatmeal
    6. Soaring Over California ride
    7. Sleeping babies
    8. Taking off in a plane
    9. A good snog
    10. Laughter