Thursday, January 19, 2012

Passport Smashport


My passport expires one month before my trip to the Philippines. Just my luck, right? Luckily I realized this early enough to renew it with plenty of time to spare. You basically send in your old passport, the renewal fee, an application, and a new photo. And, after 10 years of cringing at my passport photo every time I would even think of taking an International trip, I thought it time to take my own. This way, I could take several options and choose the best one. After doing some research on the Department of State's website, it turns out there's a laundry list of photo requirements and regulations when taking your passport photo such as: a neutral expression, an all-white background, no shadows, proper exposure, taken straight on, etc. Morgan and I took these a couple days ago...which one do you think I sent in?