Friday, February 17, 2012

Instagram - Valentine's Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Here are a few snapshots making me smile this morning!


  1. Pretty pictures!
    I hope you are enjoying your druzy heart ring. Your sweet boyfriend told me about your blog post when he bought it for you. So, thank you so much for picturing it in your blog!
    I see that you are a Pisces from your passport pic (great photo btw), our b-day's are very close, mine is 3/3. =)
    Love your blog!
    ~ Athena

  2. Awww thanks Athena! I love the ring you designed. I wore it on Valentine's day and all my co-workers swooned over it. Do you have any plans for your birthday(almost birthday twin)?

  3. Nothing big planned, I'm hoping the weather will be nice outside so I can go to the park for a picnic and take pictures with my hubby & son. Then a trip to Sephora for some make-up and a trip to Anthropologie for some shoes and then out to dinner! What are your plans? I see you like to plan parties! :)


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