Wednesday, February 22, 2012

She Sells Sea Shells



I picked up these little guys at a farmers market in San Diego this past weekend and I can’t get over how adorable they are. Their natural color palette is so spot-on it kills me every time I see them on my kitchen windowsill (especially that light mint and lavender one). I think they would be such a fun and easy DIY and how cute would they be as placement cards for a desert themed wedding? I mean, come on!


  1. Those are amazing! I love the color palette! I'll have to drive down to San Diego and check out their farmers market sometime.

    Love your blog!


  2. Thanks April! They are super cute. Now, all i have to do is keep my cat from swiping at them! Thanks for your support on the blog. Big news coming up!

  3. Athena / Victory JewelryFebruary 24, 2012 at 3:58 PM

    Those are too cute! It must have been hard to only bring 2 home with you. :)

  4. Love that ring! Where's it from?

    1. Oops I meant the gold heart ring in the Valentine's post a couple entries down!


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