Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wreather Madness

 I'm still not sure how, amidst everything that has been going on this month, I was able to throw in some sweet craft time. Between, FIDM, Musicians Institute, and working weekends with Sweet Emilia Jane, you would think that all I would want to do on my downtime would be to sleep....Nope.  I'm proud to introduce a few more additions to my wreath line.  I'm also really excited because I think I may have found a booth buddy for this years Holiday Renegade Craft Fair!


  1. i love these! i grew up looking forward to decorating our tree with our antique ornaments every year . . . do you sell these or would you ever give a tutorial? i need one of my own!

  2. Such a gorgeous idea you've brought together! I can't believe how busy you are. Congratulations on the new consulting job!!